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Part of a series of boundary pushing reflections on society in the UK and the western capitalist state machinery.
The queen is saying ‘don’t push it’ but I actually want people to push it and interact with this piece. The result of a little pressure on the right spot will make the queen see red, and look like the Terminator.
Batteries are included.
Anonymous art by Andrew P Robertson, backed by the political activism group – the beach party.


A face drawn with the letters from the name

edward snowdon

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5 really f**ked up things the American government does to its people. 1. Use false flag attack to start illegal war by bombing it’s own people and planning staged hijack of airplane to crash it, then blame whoever they want to fight. 2. Drug prostitutes,  the mentally ill and prisoners with MKUltra. 3. Poisoning of […]

The Beach Party Politics

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Sandy Andy is running for the 2015 General Election with a monster raving looney idea:
Lets Build a Better World!

The Beach Party-
Promoting open, free, fair, connected inspiring and innovative ideas in modern society. We will give you faster internet, better services, create high-tech jobs, protect your privacy, safeguard our independence and we hope to make politics more interesting.