Christmas Song or TurkeyBum

Can you help me come up with a better name for this song? Fifi tried to help but to be honest I wasn’t that impressed with her suggestions of Christmas Song or TurkeyBum.

We are trying to reach the #ChristmasNumberOne spot this year with our soon to be classic “Christmas Song,” and if everybody shares this track, who knows? But seriously, we need a better name than “TurkeyBum”. I guess “Christmas Song” will help us get found on Internet searches but if you can think of anything better?

Its about the eating, drinking and the musical sounds of Christmas. There is also some wise advice…

“Far lar lar lar let’s kill a turkey, and be thankful when we eat the stuffing from inside its bum.
If you don’t want fowl meat, you can have vegan pie. Intensive breeding made these birds too deformed to fly.”

Drink in moderation


BBC censorship

I got this email from the BBC inviting me to be part of a political TV show called #FREESPEECH but I have been denied the chance to talk during the debate. How is this FREE SPEECH?

The Green Party and UKIP both have a seat in parliament therefore so BOTH parties should be included in the leaders debates not just UKIP. There has been a lot of news reports covering the outrage of the British public about this but the Blatant Bias Censorship is now also effecting The Beach Party.

GoPro with Bender and Lola the doggy

We are testing out our new GoPro hero 4 black edition with a sculpture of Bender. Featuring Doggy Lola and Sandy Andy. The youtube video is 1min 22s of smashing sandy fun on the dirtybeach. The featured music is by J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No.1 Prelude.

“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob a country. Bender knows this, and now you know this”

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sand art