The beach party

Drew P Robertson aka Sandy Andy is running at the 2015 General Election with a monster raving looney idea. Fix the Country. The Beach Party represents forward thinking ideas in The United Kingdom with an aim to change everyday life for the good people of The Great British Englan Islands. This country is broken but […]

Nike - Don't do it!

Nike make nice shoes but their ethics are fucked up

Nike – why are they cunts? They spend so much money on their image and branding I think they can afford to treat their employees with a bit more respect. Human rights are more important than corporate profit and greed because cunts like Nike hurting the lives of many people in the developing world.

The CrowdFunding failed again but we will keep trying

We have sculpted lots of robots out of sand but we are slightly tech obsessed and is also trying to build real robots that will enable visitors to interact and play games online, controlling our robots, powered by wind and sun which will be pick up litter.

EcoBots will help clean the planet and make the coastlines of the world a much nicer place for life on earth. Our first prototype build incorporates a Raspberry Pi with camera module, a toy robot arm, audrino, and some clever robotic programing. Unfortunately our first prototype isn’t quite complete yet, as we have run out of money for parts.