Sandy Francisco Bay

Sandy Francisco Bay

Sandy Francisco Bay

We have relocated to the tech capital of the world, San Francisco inorder to spend some time building automated robotic monsters which can clean up beach litter. We intend to build something that will aid humanity and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Please help with our Tech Development fund and CLICK THE PAYPAL LINK. Every donation counts and will help us purchase all the required parts to build an electronic brain system of ARDUINO, RASPBERRY PI, KINECT 3D SENSORS which are run with some clever programming wizardry. The exoskeleton of our beach cleaning monsters will be based on the THEO JANSEN designs.

In the meantime here is a silly little timelapse of a sand sofa being made in the on Baker Beach by the Bridge. Im going to keep making sculptures until I have raised the money to buy all the required robotic parts and built a few working prototypes.

This video contain footage from a nudist beach.

I would have liked to upload some live web cam footage of my recent builds but its just about impossible to get a mobile phone contract with internet data in America if you are not American. I know I don’t have a Social Security Number but why should it stop me getting 4G mobile internet Grrrrr 🙁 Stupid Bloody Racist Constitution. I will upload some videos about our technology progress soon though, so check back with us the see how our beach monsters are evolving.

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