Upside Down

Upside Down

Upside Down

Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth or compassion against injustice. As a society we are suffering as the rich elite steal from the public purse and innocent people are murdered for oil profit. The bankers that caused our current financial crisis walk freely among us in the society they so blatantly stole from. They have the politicians, judges and police in their pockets so nobody is ever held accountable. Corporations make billions of profit while destroying the planet and they very often pay no tax. If people stood up and agreed we need to find a better way to exist, we could change the world.

As Bob Marley the Legend once said “Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight.”

(C) The world is (E7) upside (Am) down (C) but we can (E7) turn it (Am) around (F) Stand on our (G) head or walk (C) on our (E7) hands (Am) instead (D7) Read between the lines of what is (G) black and white and read and you’ll know (Am) what’s going on with all our (E7) governments (Am) And why they do the things we (E7) read (F) The poor are (G) suffering, it (C) can’t (E7) go (Am) on (D7) Together we can fix it now (G) if we all just agreed that we are (Am) losing our freedom, which is (Dm) really unwise They will (E7) charge you with treason for (Am) exposing their lies People (F) are revolting you can (C) hear the cries And our (D7) government for sale which implies there will is (G7) compromised (C) i hate to (E7) be so (Am) blunt (F) David Cameron (G) is a (C) mon- (C) ey (C) driv- (B) en (Bb) busi- (Bb) ness (Bb) man (B) who (C) use (C) is (C) time (B) at (Bb) num- (Bb) ber (Bb) ten (B) for (C) corporate (C) profit

(C) The world is (E7) upside (Am) down (C) but we can (E7) turn it (Am) around (F) Stand tall and (G) strong and we (C) can right (E7) the (Am) wrong (D7) Read between the lines of what I’m (G) saying in this song Look what’s (Am) going on with our (E7) environment why do we (Am) pollute the land and (E7) sea We (F) act so (G) arrogant, it (C) can’t (E7) go (Am) on (D7) Together we can fix it but (G) we all need to agree look at the (Am) bigger picture, using (Dm) the Internet We are (E7) losing rain forests which we will (Am) all regret The (F) ice caps are melting as we play (C) Russian roulette With our (D7) children’s future yet this game of life has (G7) no reset (C) if we don’t change (E7) our con- (Am) duct (F) then all our (G) kids will all be (C) suff- (C) -ur- (C) -ing (B) with (Bb) no (Bb) es- (Bb) cape (B) as (C) cor- (C) por (C) a (B) tions (Bb) trash (Bb) and (Bb) rape (B) the (C) planet (C) damit

(C) The world is (E7) upside (Am) down (C) and we can (E7) turn it (Am) around (F) we must (G) choose to (C) look at (E7) all the (Am) clues you must (D7) Read between the lines of what Is (G) written in the news to see the (Am) hidden agenda of the ruling (E7) elite They (Am) treat us like the pawns in (E7) chess (F) We can’t compete (G) with their (C) Knights (E7) and (Am) tanks (D7) Or the bishops taking money (G) of lives they claim to bless look at the (Am) bigger picture, through (Dm) the media lies As we’re (E7) killing each other (Am) just for oil supplies The (F) rich are getting richer but the poor (C) are getting wise So they (D7) often arrest activists for trying just to (G7) organise (C) a peaceful (E7) protest (Am) plan (F) to stick it (G) to the (C) spine (C) less (C) shits (B) at (Bb) num (Bb) ber (Bb) ten (B) or (C) reck (C) less (C) cor (B) porate (Bb) mon (Bb) ey (Bb) men (B) like (C) bankers (C) wankers

(C) The world is (E7) upside (Am) down (F) but we can (G) turn things (C) around. (END)
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