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Taking sand sculptures to the extreme, dirtybeach is beach is about fun in the sun. Producing unique art with a hint of comedy; we are now getting political with #TheBeachParty running for general election in the UK. Created and run by a small, dedicated team we are the least funded political party in the country. Everything is funded by donations as people walk past our installations and throw coins into a bucket when they take a picture. Art activism, both directly within movements and in the surrounding culture, has been a key element of social protest and we enthusiastically build upon our grass roots movements in the heart of London.

The name ‘DIRTYBEACH’ came from concerns for environmental issues and improvement of the health of our shore lines. We regularly clean up all the litter that washes up on the beaches we work.

We are environmental and political activists who make ephemeral works of art, music and mirth. With unpredictable weather conditions and improvised work spaces, beach art isn’t always that easy to do. In fact, it’s extremely difficult, and that’s precisely why our artists get so much respect.

Sandy Andy aka Andrew Robertson started making sand sculptures for donations about 11 years ago on the South Bank near Waterloo and the DirtyBeach brand has since been seen all over the world. We have worked at the majority of the UK music festivals, done jobs from the Bahamas to Australia. Miami has the best sand and Helsinki was the coolest place we have worked so far. We set world records, worked at high level sculpting competitions and built funny sculpture for TV and film. We have lost count of the number of celebrities, musicians and film stars that have taken a seat on our infamous sand sofas.

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