The Beach Party political group and our fine works of art are created and run by a small, dedicated but unpaid team.
To help us provide everything here free of charge, we greatly appreciate donations towards keeping the site running.

You can donate any amount by tipping our bucket on the beach…
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#‎Movember‬ – This month is going to be pretty much like most of the others this year. I’m growing a moustache/beard because it’s just so much easier then shaving. I know it’s a pain in the arse and not of the prostrate variety but it’s for a good cause. I accept donations if you like my hairy face, my art, or ideally the political ideas I stand for in the run up to the general election.

Apparently it costs about £500 to run and I’m still a little short. My life savings of £50 are only one zero away, but if I intend to eat or pay rent between now and the 7th of May, I’ve got some serious beach busking to do. Donations are gladly welcome, please help – ‪#‎TheBeachParty‬!

Andrew Robertson


Thank you for helping our cause.
Under Ground Art Foundation, City of London, London SE1 9PP