London sand erosion

About six years ago I started building sand sculptures on the river bank. Occasionally the tide left lots of litter behind as it went out and I took it upon myself to clean up the beach litter and make the area more tidy. These photographs show how the beach has gotten much smaller.

I aim to improve the beach and restore it to its former glory. Had I known that cleaning up the litter from the beach would result in the sand disappearing then I wouldn’t have bothered.

If we get 300 tonnes of river sand dropped into the corner, then it will not get dispersed up and down the river as the concrete corner stops and current flowing in this area. The sand will stay situated right by Gabrials Wharf to be enjoyed by the good people of London.

This video shows that when I clean up the beach litter a small amount of the sand will also be removed.

worlds largest sand sofa


Welcome to DirtyBeach

We make art, music and comedy using SAND SCULPTURES as our stage. Our crew pick up litter and RECYCLE all our ephemeral works of art.

We have made street art with BANKSY and produced sculptures for BRAD PITT.

This video shows the TV set we built for CHANNEL 4 during T4 on the beach and have had many celebrity guests sit on our sand couch. Dexter Fletcher helped us set a world record for the largest sand sofa ever made and we have toured many a music festival with our sand stage.

We often get hired to perform or build works of art for photo shoots and TV. We can run workshops, team building events and private parties. If you’d like our unique brand image for advertising or anything else sand related, then feel free to request a quote.

A Mammoth Task

Its just another day of the week for the Dirty Beach crew. They accidentally set a new world record for the largest sand sofa in a Quarry in the Midlands. They needed it looking nice for their open day.