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We travel the world building ephemeral works of art in sand. Watch The Videos

The Beach Party Politics

Sandy Andy is running for the 2015 General Election with a revolutionary idea:

Lets Build a Better World! Read The Manifesto

Music with Keith Lemon on channel 4

This music video contains adult lyrics about your mum.

Warning: explicit lyrics

A Mammoth Task

Meanwhile at a quarry in the Midlands… Read More

world record sand sculpture

The worlds largest sand sofa make Steven Blake who is over 6”4′ tall look like a tiny child Read More

About Us

DirtyBeach.TV is an organisation trying to save the planet with art. The plan is to make so much awesomeness its sheer weight shifts a paradigm and inspires a new wave of existence for generations to come. This pretentious intention alone should be enough to make us worthy of your attention (and money) but the story of how our founder, Andrew Robertson A.K.A Sandy Andy discovered his beach busking talent while homeless and broke, to become one of the best loved street artists in London is hugely compelling. Follow him on his mission to end poverty and fix the environment through optimism, activism and altruism.



Andrew Robertson will run in the general election for the Beach Party if we can raise £1,000 to cover costs in the Vauxhall constituency.



Our pop up beach parties with Open Mic are really fun. Come see us play in the sun or check out our monster music album download.



We tried crowd funding to build remote control litter picking robots that can draw advertising in sand. Advert money would pay players to help us clean the world.



Our policy is to be as carbon neutral as possible. The majority of our art work gets recycled by the tide each day and our diggers are fueled buy porridge, fruit and veg.



It’s funny how often we get hired to build a sculpture at a festival or event which then slowly turns into a stage for live late night comedy performance.



Sculpting is a fine art that takes seconds to learn but years to master. The only thing more satisfying then building a great piece is destroying one. SMASH UP!

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Beach Party Politics


Sandy Andy is running in the 2015 General Election with a revolutionary idea:

Lets Build a Better World!

The Beach Party Politics-

Vote for #TheBeachParty if you want:

  • Free Food
  • Free Housing
  • Free Health Care
  • Free Higher Education
  • Free Electricity, Heating, Water, Internet and Basic Utilities.

Our manifesto is to provide these things to every citizen and we hope to make politics more interesting.

It's a pretense that we live in a DEMOCRACY in the UK, lets be honest, it's a PLUTOCRACY which desperately needs re-shaping. The behavior of our corrupt politicians to benefit the few with power, at the expense of the majority is understandable, but frustrating for most people. We can change this but we need your help. We intend to take control of the economy, collectively organise things for the good of society and implement new ways of thinking. The paradigm shift is coming people...

Anonymously we rise together – The Beach Party offers hope.

Most UK politicians currently work for the interest of big business and person profit but a Collaborative Commons could replace our currently corrupt system.  Humanity could easily be obliterated by war, become slaves to industry as technology replaces more peoples jobs or we drowned under the mounting effects of climate change. We hope to address big issues while solving many of the smaller problems people face in the UK today.

We spend more in tax money from the British people on war then it would cost to feed and sanitize the whole world. Why?! It would cost a fraction of this to feed everyone on our small islands. I think it would be better to eliminate poverty at home, instead of funding illegal wars to make profit for a handful of elite who control the main political parties and the industrial military complex. Its crazy to understand that the world produces enough food and has enough space to feed and house everyone alive but capitalism is used to ration goods and services to people with money. As a result many old people who have contributed to this country their entire life now cant afford to heat their house AND buy food. This system is designed by rich people to make them richer at the expense of the poor. This country has never been collectively so rich but 1 in 3 now live below the poverty line. We have to change this trend because if we do nothing then we will face massive unemployment and homelessness in the UK as technology replaces more and more peoples jobs. You see, there are more empty homes in the UK then homeless people, so we could eliminate homelessness without it costing a penny. Profits at Britain's main energy suppliers are five times higher than they were in 2009 yet average wages have barely increases. This doesn't feel right.

Read the full Beach Party Manifesto here -->> CLICK HERE<


The Beach Party political group is funded by donations. It costs a lot of money to run in the general election and we are still a little short. Donations are gladly welcome, please help and thank you for supporting this cause..

Our online crowd funding target is £1000.

email: sandy@dirtybeach.tv phone: +44 (0) 7719 691565 tweet: @DirtyBeachTV   This is our beach location:
The DirtyBeach Base H.Q, Gabriels Wharf, 2B UnderGround, London, SE1 9PP