Dragons Den, BBC1

Sandy Andy in the Dragons Den asking for £100k investment.

With the intention to build robots and an interactive TV platform the BBC have cut out 80% of this actual pitch. This is what they missed out…

£38k for TV production company equipment
£50k for Tech and robotic development

“I only asked for about £22k for a pop up venue selling food / drinks but they made it look like I wanted to spend £100k on a beach bar,” said Sandy.

The dragons den BBC1

sandy francisco

Sandy Francisco Bay

We have relocated to the tech capital of the world, San Francisco inorder to spend some time building automated robotic monsters which can clean up beach litter. We intend to build something that will aid humanity and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please help with our Tech Development fund and CLICK THE PAYPAL LINK. Every donation […]

Latitude Festival

Latitude is growing in musical stature, and this year provided some choice comedy offerings, with Mark Watson and Reg D Hunter enjoying a seat on the sand sofa stage.