the crab song

this is a time lapse on the south coast of the UK.



Channnel 4 music video

hey dog, i really dig this…wtf is wrong with these ppl it been up for 2 years and no comments…i cant even see atm if ppl are replying to nay of mi comments but i still do it cos i know is lots watching in secret. we spring from the shadows and light up the world…one drop at a time, we go with the shui flow like in art of war, shamballah classics, demna translation. ..most ones before was twisted…Bless X

Hosanna1Love 1 year ago via youtube

Danny Hillis: Back to the future (of 1994)

This video has nothing to do with sand what to ever. But it is so good and we love so much that we have dropped it in for you to enjoy. It explains how we are living in exciting times and covers the very evolution of life itself.