T4 on the beach 1

At channel 4 with Leigh Francis, Tony Robinson, Skins and Peter Andre.

We made the set for T4 on the Beach. Some really nice people came and sat down on the sand sofa.

Keith Lemon

Le Club 55

Le Club 55

On a typical summer day, Bentley’s and open-top Ferrari’s line the traffic tam heading to one place in Saint Tropez. Fortunately the like of Paris Hilton and P diddy dont have to drive, as the super yachts drop the mega rich off at this, the beast beach bar in Europe, Le Club 55. A wooden pier extends into the water, luring star-studded occupants away from their boats parked offshore and into the land of the fabulous.

We build sofa’s and shit there for a few days and secretly wish we could stay longer, preferable 3 more months will do. After having so much fun I am sorry to say “au revoir” to Le Club 55 but it I can safely say it wont be long before I visit again.

Patrice De Colmont is legendary when it comes to hosting beach parties and is a true gentleman. It was a pleasure and a privilege meeting this prince of men and getting the opportunity to build sand sculptures for the guy who hosts the best beach parties in Europe. It was so much fun getting to sample the lifestyle Partice lives 24/7.

London sand erosion

About six years ago I started building sand sculptures on the river bank. Occasionally the tide left lots of litter behind as it went out and I took it upon myself to clean up the beach litter and make the area more tidy. These photographs show how the beach has gotten much smaller.

I aim to improve the beach and restore it to its former glory. Had I known that cleaning up the litter from the beach would result in the sand disappearing then I wouldn’t have bothered.

If we get 300 tonnes of river sand dropped into the corner, then it will not get dispersed up and down the river as the concrete corner stops and current flowing in this area. The sand will stay situated right by Gabrials Wharf to be enjoyed by the good people of London.

This video shows that when I clean up the beach litter a small amount of the sand will also be removed.

worlds largest sand sofa