A Mammoth Task

Its just another day of the week for the Dirty Beach crew. They accidentally set a new world record for the largest sand sofa in a Quarry in the Midlands. They needed it looking nice for their open day.



the crab song

this is a time lapse on the south coast of the UK.

Channnel 4 music video

hey dog, i really dig this…wtf is wrong with these ppl it been up for 2 years and no comments…i cant even see atm if ppl are replying to nay of mi comments but i still do it cos i know is lots watching in secret. we spring from the shadows and light up the world…one drop at a time, we go with the shui flow like in art of war, shamballah classics, demna translation. ..most ones before was twisted…Bless X

Hosanna1Love 1 year ago via youtube