Our political art is changing the landAs we sing from the heart while we sit on the sand.

sand sculptures

Sculpting is a fine art that takes seconds to learn but years to master. The only thing more satisfying then building a great piece is destroying

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WARNING – This video should not be watched by children or those offended by strong language. It’s funny, but also really rather rude…

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Music Album

Our pop up beach parties with open mic are really fun. Come see us playing live or check out our monster music album online. Its free to download

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Beach Party Politics

THE BEACH PARTY MANIFESTO We stand for equality, peace and the environment. We support a National Living Wage and Drug Legalisation.

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HELP FUND THE BEACH PARTY In order to raise enough money to run in the next UK General Election we are selling paintings by our very own Mr Drew P on etsy.

Recent Works

Why are we spending most our life living like slaves in this paradise? With the power you get money and the money you get power, every minute, every day, of every second, every hour, 99% of people loose their powers to the rich ones, but what for? When Tony Blair started a war, as a response to some knee jerk lies we were fed, we kicked ass, making money for the upper class guys but instead a better class of people just say no, like Edward Snowden, my whistle blowing hero.

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Edward Snowden is an American citizen and former Intelligence Community officer who many consider to be a whistleblowing hero. The documents he revealed provided a vital public window into the NSA and its international intelligence partners’ secret mass surveillance programs and capabilities. These revelations generated unprecedented attention around the world…

An introduction to the Beach Party politics. Aspiring political candidate Drew P aka Sandy Andy, talks about his manifesto ideas while raising money to run in the general election with an independent party.

What happened to democracy in the UK? Our government is helping international bankers defraud the economy with no remorse or accountability while greedy international corporations plunder our natural resources. Under current laws, big business has more rights than human beings allowing the super rich to profit as they rob banks,…

What people have said

Stephen Fry

What's not to like? Good beach art and plenty of happy oddity

Stephen Fry - via twitter
Melinda Messenger

Brilliant manifesto, what a different place it would be if this happens, all it takes is enough people.........

Melinda Messenger - via twitter