Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival

Latitude is growing in musical stature, and this year provided some choice comedy offerings, with Mark Watson and Reg D Hunter enjoying a seat on the sand sofa stage.


It’s billed as “more than a music festival” and this weekend party in the rolling, heavily wooded Suffolk countryside has been hit by the dirtybeach crew. This year’s Latitude was amazing, with the chance to watch Tim Minchin perform his musical comedy on Friday evening, hear Brian Cox discuss the Higgs Boson on Saturday afternoon, then catch pianist Lang Lang on Sunday morning.

Mark Watson enjoys a seat while we all enjoyed his stand up comedy.

Bender from Futurama was our star attraction.
20120716-172503.jpgFar from being a mini Edinburgh festive with added music, this is the best festival the UK has to offer.
The atmosphere is better then Glastonbury and the people are nicer then the chavs you get at the Isle of Wight festival, we can not wait for Latitude 2013.

Paul Fitzgerald is a human jukebox.

Luc sings songs with the actor Ed Coleman.
Penny and Sharon were the last to sit down before the smash up fun.