Daily Mail prints our Jeremy Corbyn sculpture and makes up the news

Daily Mail prints our Jeremy Corbyn sculpture and makes up the news

This is a screen shot of a national newspaper featuring me and my art. This news printed by the Daily Mail was made up to demean Jeremy Corbyn before the Labour leadership election ends. The elite are desperate to not let him win and this article is saying Jeremy Corbyn’s career is built on sand… yet it isn’t. It’s built on ideas that ordinary people are rallying behind, and the elite are worried. Thats why they are running with this smear campaign every day. The only truth in this whole story is a quote taken from my facebook feed and the picture taken from my instagram account of Jeremy imortalised in sand.

Here are their lies:

daily fail
more made up news

Now here is the truth:

I was never opposed to Bob Geldof’s view that our democratic system won’t be viable for much longer. I have always agreed with this. I set up my own political party to highlight problems we have in this current model built on corruption, lies and fear. I have absolutely NO faith in our democratic process because people like Jullian Assange and Edward Snowden lose their freedom for telling the truth, yet actual war criminals like Tony Blair can earn hundreds of millions of pounds with impunity.

I’m not joining the Labour party or hoping to get a post in Jeremy Corby’s Cabinet. I am the leader of the Beach Party. We have different ideas to Corbyn but I do think he would be a good leader for them. He is one of the least corrupt politicians in the UK. These are the exact reasons why the majority of people love him yet the elite hate him. He claimed the least amount of expenses, wants to get rid of nuclear weapons, nationalise industry, provide free higher education and hold Tony Blair accountable for an illegal war.

Unfortunately the people who cast votes have no power and the people who count them can fix the results. Thats why a lot of people are finding their vote for Jeremy is being rejected. That is also why The Tory Party needed on average 34,000 votes for each MP seat they won at the last election. Yet the Green’s and UKIP got 5,000,000 votes between them and only one MP each??! This is a not fair democracy but the corrupt fuckwits currently holding power don’t care, they designed the system to work like this. The corruption helps the corrupt politicians win. Democracy is just illusion.

This is what happened when we made Jeremy Corbyn on the beach.

Did you know I wasn’t allowed to enter the election race after campaigning for a year with the Beach Party because I did’t earn enough money? This isn’t democracy.

Did you know if I can raise enough cash to enter the next general election over 99.9% of my friends or family won’t be allowed to vote for me because they live more than 2 miles from my house. We have a divide and conquer system called “Gerrymandering” as a way to help legally rig the election results. To stand a chance of winning a majority government with an independent political party, it costs 325,000 pounds just to enter the 650 different constituencies. The system is so expensive it stops poor people getting political, because other poor people might vote for them and the Tories would never win. This isn’t democracy.

How to steal an election
How democracy becomes plutocracy with hypocrisy during an election

Jeremy Corbyn has a good chance to push for a more socialist government in Parliament. This would be great for ordinary people in the UK but not so great for war criminals like Tony Blair or the mega rich elite, which is why we see corporate press owned by a few right wing billionairs firing a flood of disaster warnings and mockery at the left wing Corbyn, and only Corbyn. With nothing comparable being directed at Burnham, Cooper or Kendall. Corporate media, deeply embedded in centrist politics is waging a propaganda war on British democratic choice. Don’t buy there lies, it’s just more bullshit from billionaire sociopaths trying to stop ordinary people getting a better deal. We wish Jeremy Corbyn luck in the leadership elections.

Sandy Andy

rat race rap

rat race rap

A Gangsters Parody with a Rat Race Rap

As I walk through the alley by the back of the house,
taking rubbish to the bins, I see a mouse.
So I stop with the bag in my hand and stand still,
And this mouse watches me without moving until
He told me a truth without saying a word,
I’m a rat in a race, locked in a heard,
like a bird in a cage, or a turd in box,
going around being bound up by the hands of a clock,
with a notion that oceans and the lines in the sand
marking borders with the orders saying where I can stand.
It’s absurd that this mouse has more freedom than me,
so I drop out the rat race to try being free.

I’ve been spending most my life living like a slave in paradise.
Why are we spending most our life living like slaves in paradise?

Freedom was the reason for a while I was sleeping on the street,
where I was fighting with the coppers I meet, on the beat,
to move the poor and clear the floor under a law to keep it neat,
I lost the battle but the war isn’t complete.
As the elite abuse their powers while they cower in towers,
made of Ivory and slavery, or sour twisted irony,
where state demands society adheres to noble hierarchy,
but I say hay, no fucking way, yo!
How do you make the choice how to earn a wage?
Join the rats in this race round a cage, when it’s staged?
Tony Blair now acts as though he’s won the race. Well tough luck, fuck, look, he needs a slap in the face form the Hague
or the wrist with a hand cuff,
but strangely enough he keeps winning more stuff,
like awards, and rewards, he’s not a good guy.
Acting philanthropic, I’m watching pigs fly!

We keep spending most our life living like slaves in paradise.
Why are we spending most our life living like slaves in paradise?

With the power you get money and the money you get power,
every minute, every day, of every second, every hour,
99% of people loose their powers to the rich ones, and what for?
Blair started a war, as a response to some knee jerk lies
we were fed and we kicked ass, to make money
for the upper class guys but instead
the better class of people just say no,
like Edward Snowden, my whistle blowing hero.

We keep spending most our life living like slaves in paradise.
Why are we spending most our life living like slaves in paradise?

Tell me why are we so blind to see our democracy is a plutocracy just read between the lines of hypocrisy
Tell me why are we so blind to see that the rat race is to make the poor face misery, slavery… And war, and what is it for? money for the rich.


rat race rap