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Leader of The Beach Party
Leader of The Beach Party
One Big Union
One Big Union

What happened to democracy in the UK? Our government is helping international bankers defraud the economy with no remorse or accountability while greedy international corporations plunder our natural resources. Under current laws, big business has more rights than human beings allowing the super rich to profit as they rob banks, destroy our environment and enslave society in a lifetime of debt. The ongoing behaviours of our corrupt politicians to benefit a select few with power, at the expense of the majority is frustrating but we can change this with your help. We intend to take control of the economy and collectively organise things for the good of society, implementing better ways of thinking reflecting a better life in our modern world.


The Beach Party Philosophy – All people shall have access to this

▪ Free Food

▪ Free Housing

▪ Free Health Care

▪ Free Higher Education

▪ Free Electricity, Heating, Water, Internet and Basic Utilities.


It’s a pretence that we live in a DEMOCRACY in the UK, lets be honest, it’s a PLUTOCRACY which desperately needs re-shaping. This country has never been so rich yet one in three people live in poverty and food banks are required to feed millions of Brits who can’t afford to eat. Why? There is enough food grown on the planet to feed everyone alive and there is enough empty buildings to house all the homelessness people of the UK. If you understand these simple facts and realise that food grows out the ground for free, we should be able to realise a way to end poverty in our country forever.

Anonymously we rise together – The Beach Party offers hope.

We must realise the land of this country belongs to its people. As do the roads, railways, waterways, rivers, lakes, and oceans. The minerals in the ground, forests and countryside belongs to its people and so does the skies with the airwaves they carry. These things do not belong to the government or any other corporation that has unlawfully laid claim to it. The government has stolen the country from its people.


Our aim is to free everyone from the financial slavery of our corrupt systems

Current economics and new policies are dictated by a private corporation called the ‘BANK OF ENGLAND’, controlled by owners based in Switzerland who control our government. This corporation creates money out of nothing, that has a debt associated to it, which they lend to people who are legally required to pay the face value of the debt, back to the bank plus interest… Turning our society into ‘DEBT’ slaves for life. These banks are no better then criminal gangs, robbing and extorting money from the masses while amassing enough wealth they can easily bribe entire governments and our deeply corrupt legal system.

Restructure the banking system to serve the people and not just the bank owners. Decentralise the government so that people can govern themselves in their own communities. Nationalise the transport network, the food industry and the utilities companies. Restructure the judiciary and the legal system, to be written by the people for the people to give everyone to the basics we need to survive. People will still be encouraged to work to upgrade there homes and buy luxuries but must end the problems associated with inequality and poverty.


Todays laws have nothing to do with human rights. Our laws were created to serve the rich people that control our governments. Only the few with power and money have real access to justice and the fact our government is aware of this, yet try to kept it hidden from the people, means that we are being betrayed by our leaders who obviously cant be trusted anymore. The true heroes of the western world politics are people like Edward Snowden and Jullian Assange who are simply speaking out and telling the truth. Yet as a result they have lost freedoms which so many take for granted.

Who has heard of what happened in Iceland…

ICELAND. No news from Iceland?… why? You won’t hear about positive, progressive ideas in the main stream media, as it’s almost entirely filled with state propaganda and disinformation.

In Iceland, the people have made the government resign, the primary banks have been nationalised and it was decided to not pay the debt created with Great Britain and Holland due to their bad financial politics. A public assembly has been created to rewrite the constitution.

And it was achieved with a peaceful revolution against the powers that manufactured the current global economic crisis, which is why our state controlled media won’t cover this news. So why cant the rest of the EU citizens look at this as an example? What would happen if the world took note?


2008. The main bank of Iceland was nationalised. The Krona, the currency of Iceland devalues and the stock market stops. The country is now bankrupt so the citizens protest in front of parliament and manage to get new elections that resulted in a resignation of the prime minister and his whole government. The country was in a very bad economic situation and a law proposes paying back the debt to Great Britain and Holland through the payment of 3,500 million euros, to be paid by the population of Iceland every month over the next 15 years, with a 5.5% interest.

2010. The people went out in the streets and demand a referendum and the denial of payment is voted in by a 93% majority. The government started the investigation to bring justice the people responsible for causing the crisis, and many high level executives and bankers were arrested. The Interpol orders all the implicated parties to leave the country. A new Constitution was written by an elected assembly which includes the lessons learned from this. 25 citizens are chosen, with no political affiliation, out of the 522 candidates. For candidacy all that was needed was to be an adult and have the support of 30 people.

2011. The constitutional assembly presented the ‘carta magna’ from the recommendations given by the different assemblies that happened throughout the country. It was approved by Parliament through the next legislative elections.

So in summary of the Icelandic revolution:
-resignation of the whole government
-nationalization of the bank.
-referendum so that the people can decide over the economic decisions. -incarcerating the responsible parties

-rewriting of the constitution by its people

Have we been informed of this through the media?
Has any political program in radio or TV commented on this?
No! The Icelandic people have been able to show that there is a way to beat the system and has given a true democracy lesson to the world.


The Beach Party does not seek to govern the people but rather to empower the people to govern themselves in communities of abundance. Most UK politicians currently work for the interest of big business funding private personal profit but a Collaborative Commons could replace our corrupt system. Humanity may still face starvation because of the greedy elite and slavery to industry as technology replaces more and more peoples jobs; or we all drowned under the mounting effects of climate change yet the solutions are simple. Our scientists, engineers, farmers and ordinary people have the answers and knowledge to solve our problems rapidly. Our government does NOT. No one homeless; no one hungry; everyone contributing their “labour of love” for the greater benefit of all in their community. Help be the change you want to see in the world.

The Beach Party is throwing its hat into the political ring with forward thinking ideas, spreading truth and knowledge through the world as part of our campaign. We present a solid foundation for a new social structure to release humanity from the financial tyranny and usher in a new era of true freedom and prosperity. Our philosophy is based on the principles of absolute equality, unity within community, decentralised power and moving from ideas of ownership to ones of access in which we all have access to goods and services.

The 6 design principles integral to an effective commons:

  1. Effective management of a social commons requires “clearly defined boundaries” on who is allowed to appropriate from the commons and who is not.
  2. It’s necessary to establish appropriation rules restricting the time, place, technologies, and quantity of resources that can be used as well as setting up the rules on the amount of labour and materials that can be allotted to the appropriation.
  3. A commons association needs to guarantee that those affected by the appropriation of rules jointly and democratically determine those rules and their modification over time.
  4. The commons association needs to guarantee that those monitoring the activity on the commons are the appropriators or are accountable to them.
  5. Appropriators who violate the rules could, in principle, be subjected to graduated sanctions by the other appropriators or officials accountable to the appropriators.
  6. The commons association ought to build in procedures for rapid access to private mediation to quickly solve conflict among appropriators or between appropriators and public officials.


EDUCATION is getting ridiculously expensive. If I had a pound every time a politician said they would cut the cost of higher education, I still wouldn’t have enough money to pay for University. It should be free to train for every possible job or career, at any age, regardless of sex, age, race or religion.

NHS is being sold off which is one of the worst things the UK government can possibly do. Standards will slip as the price of services goes up with the privatisation resulting in unnecessary suffering and death for lots of ordinary people. We need to put human health and well-being before profit.

FREE TRANSPORT in the form of bus, train and hybrid electric cars. This will be more efficient than it is today with no strikes. We also have to improve the cycle network encouraging more exercise and enabling easier environmental form of travel.

FOOD PRODUCTION is controlled by profit seeking business enterprises. Some food we eat contain pesticides and chemicals that could cause health problems like cancer unless the food is labelled ‘organic’, unfortunately this makes it more expensive and not accessible to everybody. As long as our food suppliers are chasing profit, standards suffer. We can create an ethical and healthy food supply chain to get good basic food ingredients to the public, improving the general health of our nation.

HOUSING shouldn’t be an issue for anyone. There are more empty homes then homeless people so all we need to do is agree the very concept of “property rights” — which are not like other rights should be granted to every citizen for the common good ensuring relative equality and moderate but sufficient property for everyone. Everybody gets to keep the house they live in and we won’t force anyone to put up with homeless strangers moving into their spare room. There are enough empty properties to end the housing crisis which would be freed up with a super tax placed on empty buildings.

People who work hard can upgrade their living arrangements as a reward but the people at the bottom of society should never be forced to live rough. I not suggesting the government can take your home away that you are living in or the ones you work hard to buy your children… but if you have 100 homes and there are people sleeping on the street then the obvious solution would be to house the poor in the empty properties.

DRUGS should be legalised. The present system does not represent modern Britain and victimises innocent people. The active components of psilocybin mushrooms have been found to treat alcoholism and other addictions. Many current illegal drugs have huge potential economic and health benefits. Cannabis has great medical properties but its impossible to regulate the more dangerous strains of skunk while this plant is still illegal.

UTILITIES that utilize municipal resources to create energy and profit for should give that profit to society.

The world has been polluted by capitalist industry and so has the media. Luckily it’s not too late to fix things. The capitalism movement has built us a great infrastructure and communications network with the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) and the open source moment to help us de-centralize the way services are produced and consumed. Truth and honesty are important for political sustainability.

Technology will be used to save us all, or oppress us all. Which would you prefer?

Individual Ownership of all personal data: the online activity an individual does can be controlled by the individuals themselves and wont be owned by third party sites to be sold as a commodity. Intelligence agencies will be made to respect privacy rights of everybody.

Internet freedom: we must stop the government from spying on citizens. The Beach Party will fight against mass surveillance. We will progress a Bill of Digital Rights to ensure that freedoms are appropriately protected online. All citizens have the right to interact and communicate online, securely and privately. Real world privacy and freedom should exist in our virtual world as it does in our physical one. Data of Internet companies like Google and Apple that collects e-mail, texts, voicemails, and video chats of citizens and the massive metadata-mining program will be outlawed as intrusive and in breach of basic human rights.

Fee movement: visa issues will be made simple and border restrictions relaxed to allow all humans free access to the other parts of the world. There is only one race and it comes in many colours but all are welcome if you are respectful to our Common Law. It’s good to be nice. Living doesn’t have to be hard and it could be fun.

CEO’s earning limit: to halt the growing inequality we will impose a limit to the highest paid member of any company to a maximum of 50 times that of the lowest paid worker.

Patents to the people: We will take the patents away from the tech and pharmaceutical industries. Ideas and inventions should belong to society and so should the profit for the development of humankind. Much of the initial research done for these industries today is funded by the tax payer and then these private companies buy the patents to innovative breakthroughs, which means the profit then gets privately controlled by the few. And all to often the people who make the breakthroughs will not see the appropriate financial rewards. We aim to change this. For one example, the inventor of the popular medical electronic board game “Operation” is having to crowdfund his own operation because the creator John Spinello got ripped off by a faceless, uncompassionate corporation. Now he needs expensive surgery himself and had to rely on donations from fans to help him to raise money for it. Sadly this isn’t an isolated case for a creator of an idea to be ripped off by the corporation who buys the patent.


A) The Fat Cats must stop getting any fatter. The Beach Party provides realistic ideas to the short sighted plans of the Tories, New Labour, the LibDem’s and UKIP. We need to remove the chains of industry that enslave ordinary people. These main parties have nothing exciting to offer because they support a soon to be out dated profit system and are fighting amongst themselves who should have a last few goes at at holding the reigns as they flog this dead horse economy while bleeding it dry for personal profit. There is no real difference between these parties these days. they are all the capitalist party representing the interests of the top 1% with a different face.

B) The Green Party or the Socialist Party are a good plan B.

C) We also like what the InternetPartyNZ are trying to do for internet freedom. This political party is based in New Zealand, on the other side of the sea, so point C is a non issue in reality, here, but we respect KimDotCom and wish them luck with future elections.

D) The NHA have the right idea about public health in the UK. We support them.
E) The UBUNTU party have some amazing ideas about banking reform.
F) The RESPECT party as a good voice against war. I respect the Old Boy, George for trying.

G) The Beach Party have mashed the best ideas of capitialism and socialism. We are fundamentally opposed to corruption. The Beach Party MP’s would work full-time for their electors, exposing the problems we all face each day – and acting responsibly while carrying out all political and private duties.


An alternative to the flawed profit system is this:

We aim to de-centralise power production while exploring more green energy alternatives. The greedy oil companies can #FrackOff if they think they can pollute our ground water to make lots more money for a few greedy rich people at the expense of our environment.


In this Manifesto, the Beach Party puts forward policies that will advance the real interests of the working people of the UK. It is a real alternative to a land dominated by big business and red tape. The bureaucracy working today is a complex mess designed by a tiny group of rich people for person benifit.

Most politicians wont talk about the robotic revolution which will replace the majority of jobs people do today with technology that can function faster and more efficiently for many of the tasks that we do in this country. Think of all the Sole Traders and small business owners that are going to be put out of business when a robot can do it cheaper and faster. What’s going to happen then? What will we do when most people can no longer keep up with their mortgage payments? Is your job and your home safe? Drivers will be replaced by self driving computers. Service personnel will be replaced by service robots. Do you want these humans to be thrown on the scrap heap or looked after by a caring government?

We are run by a political campaigner called Andrew Robertson – a man with an edge so sharp he could literally cut shapes in sand. Andy often gets called Sandy because he is very sandy, earning all his income for the past 10 years making sculptures on the beach. He describes himself as modest yet extremely intelligent and handsome with a quirky sense of humour. He has a love for technology, music and animals. A nice bloke from a working class background, with a good heart and a mission statement to help make the world a better place.

Contact Information Please don’t post anything – we are not allowed a post box 🙁 The Beach Party and the General Election H.Q
2B Under Ground, Gabriels Wharf, London, SE1 9PP

Twitter @TheBeachPartyMP Email info@TheBeachParty.TV

Andrew Robertson – Leader and currently acting as registered treasurer.

And a special thanks to…

Melinda Messenger – For donating money and publically backing our political party.

Rich Trives – For kindly gifting us a working and still very swanky MacBook Air Laptop

Dafydd Owen – Photography

Edward Snowdon – just because

Julian Assange – A valiant campaigner for truth he will be guaranteed political asylum in the UK if we get elected.

Jane Robertson – For helping with the campaign artwork.

Rev-Captain Liability Eden – Acting mayor of London and *General Modern Consensus **General M.C is a mix of every comic book superhero ever, only with a better moustache. Join the beach party, ITS FREE – tell everybody

Also thanks to everybody at Rude Health and the Fuzzy Duck for the free nice things, and offer a special thank you to Bahnoon Agnew for providing spiritual guidance.

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